A downloadable game for Windows and Android

You are one and yet divided! 

A communication-based puzzle adventure in which you and a friend are thrown into an otherworldly experience with unsolved mysteries and forgotten stories. 

Take part in the journey of a luckless explorer who got split into two beings, separated from one another. Much like them you play divided, each on your own device of choice.

Use communication as your main tool to explore similarities and differences between your worlds and cooperate to overcome whatever blocks your path to reunion.

Can you both grow beyond these challenges and - Get Together - again?

  • Communication-based puzzle adventure exclusively for two.
  • Unique painterly art style and carefully crafted sound world
  • Easy to learn controls to focus on player-communication
  • Creative storytelling where the players tell the story, literally
  • Cross-Platform play on Windows and Android
  • No internet connection required to play

Get Together is always played by two people, each on separate devices. All the puzzles are designed so that each player only has a part of the solution. Communicating those valuable pieces which sometimes are quite hidden is the main aspect of our game.

Get Together is in active development.

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Feel crushed by a boulder of text?

Download our demo below!

You love it? Give us feedback!

You hate it? Give us feedback!

Drop a comment, a mail to info@studio-sterneck.com, or dm on twitter!

Or join us on our Discord Server and chat with the developers and the community!

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Install instructions

Minimum requirements

Windows 10

Disk Space: ~750 MB
Processor: 2 Ghz

Android 8.0

Disk Space: ~270 MB
Processor: 2 Ghz



The demo is packed in a Zip archive that must be unpacked. After unpacking, no installation is required. You only have to execute the file "GetTogether.exe".

You might have to accept that you trust the developer by clicking on "more info" following by the "run anyway" button.


  1. Download the file "GetTogether.apk" on your phone or drop it into the downloads folder via a PC.
  2. Navigate to the downloads folder on your phone and run the file "GetTogether.apk".
    • (Optional) Allow installation from unknown manufacturers.
  3. Afterwards the app is installed and can be started.
  4. You might have to accept that you trust the developer by accepting the PlayProtect popups.


If performance problems occur, the graphic settings can be adjusted in the menu (tap in the upper left corner of the screen).

Post Processing off: Improves general performance.

VSync on: The frame rate will be more stable but may be lower than before.

If you experience any technical issues don't hesitate to contact us under info@studio-sterneck.com a dm on twitter or at our Discord!


Get Together Demo - Windows 184 MB
Get Together Demo - Android 91 MB


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Niceeeee I love how this looks and the story ! :D Good work !